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An Invitation from Bronwen Cope

Live beyond negative states of mind and being

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Negative states of mind are not normal,
and they are not something that we have to experience

Bronwen Cope created a program to change the way the brain interprets and processes information and therefore created a way for people to function beyond negative states of mind and being.


This program has been designed to integrate and align all the elements of the mind, brain and soul.


The 12 exercises work together to integrate, align and resolve all the conflicts with and within the past, present, future, memories, experiences, conscious, unconscious, judgements, beliefs, values, hopes, dreams, physical structure of the brain and your soul to allow all of these elements and experiences work for you, instead of against you.


Limitations, fears, judgements, negative beliefs, self doubt, low self esteem, hopelessness, stress, anxiety, depression; all negative states of mind and being, will melt away and become something that is no longer part of you and no longer has control of you.


It is a process where you will be freed from the mental and emotional struggles – freed from negative self talk, freed from mental conflicts and freed from the limitations of your mind.


Your thoughts, feelings, emotions will be aligned to be positive, grateful, happy, motivated, inspired in every moment of your life and you will open the door to experiencing a life of happiness and peace beyond negative states of mind and being.


Over time, your mind will begin to perceive things in a new way –  a way where you will see that everything and every situation that is presented to you, is happening for you – not to you:  you will be able to see that everything and every situation has an opportunity for you to become even more integrated and aligned with who you truly are to bring you an even deeper level of happiness and peace.


It will be a journey of discovery and learning – a journey where You connect with and become who you truly are.


This is a minimum 12 week program that involves daily exercises for the mind.  There are 12 exercises that are added in one at a time to ensure that doing the exercises daily become a part of your everyday habits.  The exercises range from 1 minute to 5 min each. By the time you are doing all 12 exercises, at most you will be spending 35 minutes per day in total doing them.

This is not about positive thinking, retraining the mind or mindfulness – this is something much bigger and deeper – it will give you the key to fully express the very best version of you.

If you are ready to do the work and go beyond negative states of mind – then we would love you to join us.


and discover how you can become the very best version of you

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